TT Meridian


a post-brexit adaptation

Doing business with the European Union has changed after Brexit. Businesses need to follow new rules on exports, imports, tariffs, data and paperwork. TT Meridian has closely monitored the new rules as well as the post-Brexit policies of both the UK government and the EU to ensure a smooth transportation of goods from the UK to the EU.


Road freights are ideal for bulk consignments or perishable goods within the UK/EU or between the UK and continental Europe. It leverages Europe’s extensive and advanced road networks after crossing the English Channel. 


Between the UK and the EU, air freight could be the quickest method of transporting goods, though not always as economical as road freight.

Value added SERVICES

Here are some examples of handling and storage services we provide for local shipping in the UK/EU:

  • container handling
  • demurrage
  • loading stores and discharging empties
  • loading, unloading, reloading, stowing, securing and shifting cargo
  • preparing export documents including certificates of origin or health certificates
  • sorting, opening for inspection, repairing and making good, weighing and taring, taping and sealing, erasing and re-marking, labelling and re-numbering, tallying, checking, sampling, measuring or gauging of goods


Machinery & equipment
From small tools to oversize machines, equipment

Consumer goods
From milk powder, food supplements to whisky, cosmetics

Dangerous goods
Chemicals, perfume, lithium battery products… 

Heavy & odd size goods
Aerospace and defence, power generation, telecommunications equipment

Ready to ship locally in the UK or the EU?