Management Team

The TT Meridian management team is a group of highly experienced and qualified professionals with a deep understanding of the international logistics and trading industry. Their mindset and skills closely follow the development trend of the international business environment.

Thuy Lam

Founder & Finance Director

Thuy Lam founded TT Meridian in 2017, with an original aim of connecting the UK with the rest of the world in terms of trade and investment, especially after the Brexit. The company has then evolved into a Europe-Asia connector like today. Thuy possesses considerable work experience in the export and import of oil and gas, food, packaging and consumer products in both in Vietnam and the UK. She currently manages the financial activities at TT Meridian such as fund raising, cash flow management and enterprise resource planning. After attending the Central University of Finance & Economics in Beijing, Thuy obtained her distinction master’s degree of Marketing at Northampton University, UK. She speaks fluently Chinese, English and Vietnamese.

Thai Tran

Managing Director

Thai Tran manages the overall performance of TT Meridian with a particular focus on corporate strategy, market/product development and corporate social responsibility. Thai is also responsible for the day-to-day performance of TT Meridian, and he is committed to ensuring that the company’s customers receive the best possible service. Thai has extensive work experience in team management and leadership thanks to his previous role as project team leader at leading organisations in various sectors such as VietinBank (Vietnam’s second largest bank), Clean Energy Pipeline (a renewables data platform), The Lawyer (leading publications in the legal sector), and Centaur Media Group plc (a UK’s leading media group). Thai obtained his distinction master’s degree at St Andrews University and his bachelor’s degree at Hanoi Foreign Trade University. 

Wendy Do

Commercial Director

Wendy manages key client accounts and the business development of TT Meridian. She has successfully supported hundreds of clients’ shipments of machinery and equipment, odd size items, consumer products, dangerous goods, and agricultural products from Europe to Asia and vice versa. Before joining TT Meridian, Wendy worked at major multinational companies in the shipping industry such as K Line, Marine Logs and Ocean Network Express and Vietnam’s largest conglomerate, Vingroup. She obtained her master’s degree at Dundee University in Scotland and completed her undergraduate study at Hanoi University, Vietnam.

Sang Nguyen

Operations Director

Sang manages the warehouse and inventory stock level at TT Meridian to ensure precise goods reception and timely shipment despatch. Sang and his warehouse team have unrivalled experience in handling and professionally packing commercial items, agricultural products and dangerous goods as well as palletisation and containerisation. Before joining TT Meridian, he worked at major multinational companies in Poland, and he speaks fluently English, Polish and Vietnamese.

The TT Meridian management team is supported by a team of experienced and qualified professionals in all areas of the business. The team is committed to providing TT Meridian customers with the highest quality shipping and trading services.