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TT Meridian was founded in 2017 to promote trade and investment between the UK and the rest of the world, especially Asia. Our journey started just a few months after the UK voted for Brexit to leave the European Union (EU). 

Since then, we have developed into an expert on connecting not only the UK but also the EU economies with emerging Asian markets such as Vietnam, China, Thailand, etc. With a number of free trade agreements in place, both bilateral and multilateral, there are limitless opportunities for companies in Europe and Asia to trade with each other.

TT Meridian focuses on the following activities:


TT Meridian is a leading, independent, logistics service provider, specifically connecting  the UK,  the EU and Asia. We understand each customer has unique requirements, so we offer tailor-made, customer-focused solutions. Our unique selling points include extensive expertise and experience in international freight forwarding and in-depth knowledge of the trade rules in our focus jurisdictions, enabling us to constantly meet and exceed customers’ expectations.​


Thanks to our extensive network of logistics and trade partners, hundreds of clients in Asia have trusted our order fulfilment and intra Europe transportation services. Our professional warehouse team in the UK safely takes and stores client’s products and then timely and precisely despatches the items based on order information to addresses across the UK and the EU, be it a small parcel or a bulky item or a pallet.


TT Meridian has practical experience in introducing and distributing made-in-Vietnam products into the UK and EU markets, taking advantage of the benefits of the free trade agreements recently signed between these economies. In addition, TT Meridian is also engaged in the shipping and exports of UK and EU products to Vietnam and Asia and provides trade-related value added services such as business matching and trade advisory.​

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